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About Future Radio

''Radio that does different!''

About Future Radio

Future Radio is the community radio station for Norwich. Future radio is part of Future Projects and was one of the first community stations in the country to be awarded a five year full time community broadcast license in 2005. After a number of short-term trial licenses, Future Radio began broadcasting on a full time basis in August 2007. Community radio licenses are intended for social gain and community empowerment.   

 What is Community Radio?

Community radio stations are non-profit social enterprises, run for, and by, the community. It offers anyone and everyone the opportunity to get involved with radio, whether it is creating their own radio show, assisting with background production or developing their skills in the journalism side of a radio station. The purpose of a community radio station is to serve the community, to provide this access to radio involvement, but also to deliver local radio that can freely broadcast content and music for the community, rather than a target market, particularly as commercial stations are increasingly consolidated by large media corporations.

Future Radio is one of the largest and longest running community radio stations in the UK, managed by a small team of dedicated staff and operated by over 100 members of the community, who create shows alongside providing background production and journalism support.

Future Radio offers volunteers the unique opportunity to develop new skills by getting involved in radio presentation and production. Despite already having incredible input from members of the Norwich community, we are always looking for more people to get involved with Future Radio, so if being involved in operating a radio station, in whichever capacity you choose, is something that would be of interest to you, please fill out a form on the Get Involved tab.  

Mission Statement

Mission: To provide a diverse, accessible, and engaging community radio service which educates and supports the local and wider community, provides high quality output and promotes community development and cohesion.

Vision: Our vision is that of a community which has equality of opportunity and the education, skills and confidence to overcome its social or economic disadvantages and contribute fully to society.

Strategic Aims

1. Provide the community with the skills, knowledge and confidence to overcome any disadvantages and to make positive life choices

2. To engage the community and communities of interest in our activities, and provide them with a means to have their voice heard

3. Support the wider objectives of Future Projects

We do this by

1. Enabling and supporting diverse communities to broadcast radio programs which reflect and support their needs and interests

2. Providing opportunities for all people and communities to contribute to radio programming and output

3. Providing personal development opportunities in radio and media, which are inspiring, rewarding, and engaging 

4. Providing output which is informative, educative, engaging and entertaining

5. Providing a platform for the discussion and dissemination of relevant information in order to promote social welfare

Future Folk

  • Dean Tucker
    Dean Tucker

    Dean is our Broadcast Coordinator, responsible for everything you hear on Future Radio. He has years of experience in community radio, commercial radio and at the BBC.

  • Christopher Remer
    Christopher Remer

    Christopher is our Volunteer Coordinator. If you'd like to present a show, become a producer, edit programmes or help with running a busy radio station, he's the person to contact.

  • Jack, Claire and Erin
    Jack, Claire and Erin

    Our student interns who have joined us for a year as part of our university placement programme.

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