03/01/2012: New podcast, Impressions on Laurence vs Adam and New Music for 2012

By Laurence Scott - Posted on 04 January 2012


Happy new year!

Firstly, just a quick bit of housekeeping; we’ve launched a podcast for the show! It’ll be weekly, so you’ll never miss another show (Lucky you!). You can find the first one here.

On this week’s Laurence vs Adam, it was an eventful one! It was so eventful in fact that the shindig-o-metre almost broke (it costs a lot to fix, you know). The challenge was to do three impressions. We had to do impressions of each other (which lead to giggling fits), Prince Philip (which will probably lead to both of us being beheaded) and Mr. T (goodness knows what will happen to us for doing that one!). I won in the end, but only just about in all honesty, bringing the scores to Me 18 – Adam 16.

Also, on this week’s show I did a montage (Who doesn’t love a good montage?!) of some bands to watch out for in 2012. Here’s the list:

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Spector – Grey shirt and tie

Friends – I’m his girl

Michael Kiwanuka – Home again

Lianne La Havas – No room for doubt

Niki & The Dove – Mother protect

Toodle pip!