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Show business 07/07/2014 – Fake Lord Mayor’s Facts


On my show this week…

This Monday: The Luis Suárez Mixtape

What songs would Luis Suárez have on a mixtape or iPod? (The more inappropriate the better!)

I’d love your song suggestions for my show (Mondays 2-3pm) and I’ll dedicate them to Luis Suárez! So, any songs connected to biting, eating etc.

I’ll kick things of with this one:

Show business 23/06/2014 - My bizarre injury



On my post-football cheer up mission/show this week:

Show business for 16/04/2014 - Fathers' Day Fun

Hiya blog reader, you like nice today!

Anyway, that’s enough of me sucking up to you. Here’s what’s on my show this Monday (16th June, if you’re reading this in 4 months time)…

This Monday: 5 modern bands that people will listen to in 50 years



On this Monday’s ‘Afternoon Session’:


This Monday: A new feature, Google's driverless cars & One Direction

Hello there!

On this week’s edition of the Monday Afternoon Session: