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This Monday: 5 modern bands that people will listen to in 50 years



On this Monday’s ‘Afternoon Session’:


This Monday: A new feature, Google's driverless cars & One Direction

Hello there!

On this week’s edition of the Monday Afternoon Session:

THIS MONDAY: Re- launched Laurence

Hello there!

On this week’s re-launched with new weekly features Bank Holiday Monday Afternoon Session…

This Monday: Rebellious Teachers

Hi peeps,
Just one week to go until the re-configured, re-launched Monday Afternoon Session (it might be no better but, if it goes wrong, you can just laugh at me). On this week's show...
  • Rebellious teachers - those teachers who break the rules a little bit... how did your teachers break the rules?

This week's Tuesday Evening Club: Goodbye, it's been a blast

I didn't think it would come so quick but it's our last regular show. I've lined up lots of surprises and I'll leave it to you decide wether they are good or not. Here's what isn't such a surprise on this Tuesday's show...