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This week's Tuesday Evening Club: First car top trumps!

 On this Tuesday's (16/07) all you can eat buffet of music and fun to make you smile...

  • We play 1st car top trumps as I'm planning to buy my first car. Comment at the bottom of this page with the following information:

- The make and model of your first car

- How much it cost

- Roughly how long you had it for

Then tune in to hear whose first car is best...


Do you know someone who brags on Facebook ALL THE TIME?! Then this, my friend, is for you. It's the new social network, in-your-facebook.


This week's Tuesday Evening Club: Parody songs

More insane than Eqyptian politics, it's my Tuesday Evening Club! By the way, if you haven't already, then please head over to and click 'like'. That's your homework. On this week's show...

"Weird Al" Yankovic

This week's Tuesday Evening Club: Guess who's back? Back again...

I'm back after being ill last week and I'm looking forward to the show as ever, particularly as I've got some new features for you. No, I haven't grown another nose. Not that sort of features. I mean regular items on the show. On this week's show (insert your own dramatic music here)...

This week's Tuesday Evening Club!

Hi Peeps,

Join this week's meeting of The Tuesday Evening Club. In our radio treehouse this week:

This week's show: Join the merry-go-round of radio fun!

Hi Peeps!

Do make sure you enrol yourself in this week's Tuesday Evening Club. On the show...