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Show business for 11/08/2014: Dwile Flonking

Hiiiiiiiiii-YA! That’s my kung-fu greeting. You’re welcome.


On my music and comedy fest of a radio show this week (insert your own underwhelming dramatic pause here)…

Show business 04/08/2014 - Ukulele fun

Hello and happy August to you!

On my radio show this Monday:

Show business 28/07/2014: Commonwealth games



Hope you’re well. Once upon a time, there was a baby-faced young man called Laurence and he was on Future Radio Monday from 2pm with music, comedy, guests and your messages. I apologise to myself if that little story resembles reality too much… 

Making an impression

The special guest on my show this Monday is Marea Smithson who is a local impressionist and has appeared on Britain's Got Talent!

Show business 07/07/2014 – Fake Lord Mayor’s Facts


On my show this week…

This Monday: The Luis Suárez Mixtape

What songs would Luis Suárez have on a mixtape or iPod? (The more inappropriate the better!)

I’d love your song suggestions for my show (Mondays 2-3pm) and I’ll dedicate them to Luis Suárez! So, any songs connected to biting, eating etc.

I’ll kick things of with this one: