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”Future is a credit to the community they stand within...”



There are many  opportunities to get involved  at Future Radio - if you are interested  please complete our registration form at the bottom of this page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We try to put out a range of programmes to cater for the variety of tastes that exist within Norwich and we will always try our best to provide a platform for music and speech programmes that may not be represented or covered by other radio choices in the area.

Broadcast Team roles - Presenters, Producers, Editors, Reporters for  a range of shows from primetime Breakfast and Drivetime Shows to our Norwich Today show. We are also looking for people to get involved with our Arts, Sport and Local music shows. You may want to present a show in a foreign langauge.

Broadcast Team support roles - We also need lots of help with working behind the scenes at Future Radio - maintaining our website,  coordinating various otheractivities we are invovled with such at the Next Big Thing, fundraising, etc.

Specialist Music Shows - Future Radio is well known for the diverse music broadcast at the weekends and  post 8pm weekdays. If you are a budding DJ that has a good knowledge of the genre you like to play get in touch! 

Office support roles .- we are currently looking for people who want to gain experience working in a busy community radio station  - various roles available.

Volunteering at Future Radio could not only give you a sense of satisfaction, new experiences but also new skills and knowledge to launch into a career of your choosing.

Registration and Administration Fee Structure 01st April 2018 – 31st March 2019

In order to become a member of the Broadcast team at Future Radio 107.8fm, one must first pay a registration and administration fee. Then, ongoing monthly payments are required to pay enable the station to train and support participants, to maintain and repair broadcast equipment, and to cover unavoidable costs such as broadcast and copyright licences in order to keep the station running

New Participants one-off Registration fee - £35 OR £17.50 (concessions)  U18 N/A

  • Monthly fee -   £10*

  • U18 – £5

  • Over 18 in FT education £5

  • Participants in receipt of employment limiting benefits - includes those receiving JSA, ESA or Disability Benefits, or with significant carer responsibilities - £5

Future Radio operates a £15 or £20 preferred ‘honour’ rate per month – if members can afford to pay more, then we would like them to do so, in the knowledge that their money is going towards supporting another participant on a concessionary rate.



Once your volunteer application/renewal has been approved, you will be sent a link to a payment page where you can select to pay monthly or yearly via PayPal. There is a one month discount for paying annually. We will accept a cheque in special circumstances.


Failure to pay

Participants will be reminded at least one month ahead of payment deadlines. Failure to make payment by the deadline each year may result in suspension of your activities.  


Failure to make payment within one calendar month of the deadline each year will result in automatic termination of your involvement. If you then request to be re-engaged you will be subject to the New Participant ‘one-off’ payment in line with this statement.


New participants are required to make payment of the registration fee prior to the provision of training and engagement. Failure to do so will result in applications being discontinued.


Affordability and other options

We recognise the importance of our role as a community resource, and that we must be an accessible, inclusive station for all those who need or wish to be involved. We do not want to exclude anyone from taking part due to their financial situation. We have therefore established additional measures to help those who may not be able to afford such an increase in fees, including:



We intend to offer concessions to under 18s, those in full-time education and members in receipt of employment limiting benefits, or with carer responsibilities – as per the table above.


We will ensure that access to concessions is treated with sensitivity and confidentiality at all times.  Should anybody from within those groups wish to make an additional contribution, this would be most welcome, but is not mandatory.


If you do access a concession and your situation changes, you must inform us as soon as is reasonably possible.


If you believe you are eligible for a concessionary rate (i.e. any rate below that of the ordinary £10 per month), please provide up to date evidence to the Station Coordinator at least one month in advance of the payment deadline. This may be any formal document which supports your claim, including but not limited to:

  • Student identification or enrolment letter
  • Current benefit award letter (or screen shot for Universal Credit)
  • A bank statement showing payment of the appropriate benefit into your account


Additional Contributions - £15 or £20 preferred ‘honour’ rate

We recognise that some volunteers may be able to pay more than we are asking. We therefore will include the opportunity for those that can afford to pay more, to do so, in the knowledge that their generous support will enable less financially able volunteers to continue to take part and benefit from all that community radio has to offer. 

Separation of volunteers from Broadcast Team

Every volunteer has their own reasons and motivations for getting involved at Future Radio. Some do so for recreational reasons, some to get work experience, and some to build skills for jobs in music or media. Others simply want to contribute to their community and have their voices heard. The vast majority however, are attracted to Future Radio because of the opportunity to be involved in broadcast output.

As result, we have traditionally suffered from a lack of back office support which we need to keep the station running. To address this we plan to recognise the distinction between these two teams as follows:

  • Broadcast Team: primarily involved in the broadcast output and activities of the station, for example presenters, producers, editors and journalists etc.

    This team will comprise the overwhelming majority of current and future volunteers and will be subject to Registration and Administration fees.


  • Support Volunteers: primarily involved in the support functions and administrative tasks at the station, for example; receptionist, administrator sales support, fundraising support etc.

This team will be considerably smaller and will require considerably less training and support. As a result, this team will not be subject to the aforementioned fees.

We have been working hard to ensure that volunteers get better value from their involvement in the future and are working on improved training, access to better facilities and more staff support. We hope that in time, you will see the value that your financial contribution makes to the station – and the communities it serves in these difficult times.


If, for any reason participants’ involvement is terminated by either party, fees owed will be returned within one calendar month. Fees owed will consist of the amount paid in advance less pro-rata period in full calendar months. If participants’ involvement is terminated mid-month, fees owed will not include the remainder of that calendar month.


This statement will be reviewed in February 2019.

PLEASE NOTE - we have been having some technical issues with the application form below, if you don't see a "Thank You" screen after clicking submit, please email with your basic details and what you would like to get involved with at Future Radio. 

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