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Random tunes of questionable morales

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Bored of life, no job, no mates? Why not stay up till 2am on a Wednesday listing to the wireless? It's the Midnite Mashup they will be giving you the dope on the finest of sounds in the way of well lets just say it sounds like a bit of every show on the radio put in a blender on high mix.

The three main Disc Jockeys play the platters that matter well to them anyway there is a combined 15 years of radio experiance in the studio but it won't sound like it.

Expect John Peel moments in all senses i.e. tunes you want, tunes you hate and stuff played at the wrong speed.

Also every now and then there are guests who actually sound like they have a clue what they are doing.  So poppickers do tune in and talk to us in the studio as we get quite lonely.

Norwich Radio

Midnite Mashup playlist for 26/10/2011

King Ramstein Vs the Dinner Daddy.  Surprisingly clean, good natured fun.


All podcasts go up on the midnite mashup web site http://www.midnightmashup.co.uk

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