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1st May Bank Holiday Schedule

1st May Bank Holiday Schedule

8-10am Breakfast with Sam Day and Jonny Champion

10-11am Future Sounds with Sabrina Johnson                                             

11-12pm New Music Review with Di Cunningham                            

12-12:20pm A Little on the Lonely Side – A Play by Ashby Court                       

1-2pm Great Destinations                                                                                  

2-3pm People’s Playlist                           

3-4pm Unheard Of with James Clayton                                                                        

4-5pm Things That Make You Go Oooh with Lee Staples

5-6pm S&M 80s B-Sides with Stephen D. Conroy                                                     

6-7pm Pride Eurovision Special                                                            

7-9pm Boiling Point with Cameron Black

9-10pm C86 with David Eastaugh                                                                                  

10-11pm Slab City with Adele Carmichael       {C}


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