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Backing Local Music

Backing Local Music

All your favourite bands had to start somewhere. First song, first gig, first radio play – every band and artist need a local music scene to carry them through these first vital steps.

 Norwich has played host to many successful music acts, Mullally and Let’s Eat Grandma to name a couple, (an upcoming artist called Ed Sheeran also played here a few times too!) But it only happens with the help of an incredibly supportive local music scene, which the East Anglian city offers in abundance. The fine city is full to the brim with opportunity – with stunning gig venues like OPEN, the Norwich Arts Centre, the Waterfront Studio (and so many more) plus various other organisations providing an essential platform.

At Future Radio, we like to do our bit. Future is the only station to have local music from Norwich and the surrounding areas on the daytime playlists; that means regular airplay for local artists and bands. Our local music playlist is updated every month, and it’s mine and Joe Lever’s job to bring the best local music to the station. We receive a variety of genres – from hip hop to folk, from indie to electro; if it’s local, we love it – so don’t fear if the music you make isn’t conventional. It’s our job to reflect what music upcoming artists, bands and producers make in the local area.

We’ve also got a new show called Future Sounds, and it’s dedicated to playing local music, chatting with local bands and artists, and connecting with those essential people who do everything to support talent in the area. It’s presented by Joe Lever with help from myself, and it’s the perfect soundtrack to your Wednesday evenings from 7pm.

 We’ve got your live local fix with Future Sessions – where local bands can record live tracks at Future Studios and have interviews with presenters. Listen out to Breakfast, Drivetime and Future Sounds on the station to hear exclusive content.

 So if you’re making music in your bedroom, or if you’re in a band, don’t be shy, send over your songs – many opportunities await!

 Contact me and Joe on and send us your best music! We’re @futureradio on Twitter and search ‘Future Radio’ on Facebook.

  SAM DAY Future Radio Volunteer – Presenter & Producer. 

Future Sounds (local music) Wednesdays  7-8pm also available as listen-again via

Future Radio 107.8 FM, DAB & Online


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