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Bank Holiday Monday 28th August

Bank Holiday Monday 28th August


For this August's bank holiday we've got an extra special action packed day lined up for you to enjoy. Whether you like the sounds of the 80's, or want to hear the latest music just released - there's a show for everyone.


8-10am -  Breakfast with Sam Day 

10-11am - UEA Languages Out Reach Show. Bilingual UEA students teach us the merits of speaking multiple languages through personal experience and soundtrack.

11-12pm - Unheard Of with James Clayton. Bringing you the lesser heard and the Unheard Of.                                 

12-1pm - Best of Norwich Today. Local views and local news.

1-2pm - Great Destinations. A hour of travel with Keri Jones.                                                                           

2-3pm - People’s Playlist. An hour of music selected by You.                     

3-4pm - New Music Review. Di Cunningham brings you new sounds up for review.

4-5pm - Seven Ages of Man. Life - soundtracked.

5-6pm - Things That Make You Go Oooh. Lee Staples puts the ooh into music.

6-7pm - Welcome to the 80s. Join Stephen D Conroy as he guides you through a decade of big and bold tracks.

7-8pm - Pride Eurovision Special with David Mann.

8- 10pm - C86 2 Hour Special with David Eastaugh. Expect jangly guitars and indie pop.

Happy Bank Holiday!

And Happy Listening!                                                                                 


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