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Business Life Show - Richard Maun

Business Life Show - Richard Maun


What do a funeral director, a large firm of solicitors, the maker of the world’s best marmalade and an expert in well-being all have in common? Well the answer is they have all been guests on the Business Life show, on Future Radio. Now in its sixth year, Business Life hosted by Anna Stevenson and myself is arguably the best business show in East Anglia.

We have met one of the Secret Millionaires, who told us that after the transmission of his show, he received 40,000 letters asking for money. The TV show profoundly moved him and it was amazing to listen to his story of triumph over adversity.

We have bravely eaten red termites, cooked I hasten to add, after a local restaurant served up their signature garnish for us to try on air. Think of popcorn with a tang to it and you have the taste. Not unpleasant and certainly entertaining.

And we turned a local cosmetic clinic into a radio station, as part of our outside broadcast package. This is great fun when staff turn up to work thinking they will spend the day treating clients and end up being a guest newsreader, live on air.

Thank you to all of our guests, who are the stars of the show. Business in Norwich continues to educate, entertain and surprise us with its award winning standards, depth of knowledge and astonishing diversity.

Being a charity, we produce and host the show for the love of radio, the love of business and the love of the community. We are proud to be volunteers and we give our time for free, to enable an important part of our local economy to be heard and to inspire others to start up their business and be successful.

Tune in every Thursday from 12.00 to 2.00pm and join us as we continue our mission to bring you lively interviews from all corners of the business world. If you would like to be a guest then email and if you're new to radio then relax – our job is to make you look good!


Richard Maun

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