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Claire Craig Talks about joining the Future Radio Team

Claire Craig Talks about joining the Future Radio Team

I'm so excited - and, despite having several years of experience in this kind of thing, also a little nervous - to be joining the Future Radio team this week. I'm nervous because Future really stands out in the world of community radio and I'm just hoping I'm going to be able to rise up and meet their brilliantly high standards.

My involvement with radio began when I was a student at UCL in London, where I was Head of Music and a regular presenter at the university's radio station - which, by the way, was the first station to ever play Coldplay (the band being students there at the time). I went travelling after university and settled down for a while in Egypt where after several failed applications to Nile FM (who wouldn’t want to work on a radio station called Nile FM?!), I became a presenter on a community station based near the tourist resort of Sharm el Sheikh. However, all good things must end - including oppressive dictatorships, so after the Egyptian revolution of 2011 the country became a slightly more difficult place to raise a family and I returned home to the UK. I didn't stay off the airwaves for long; I joined HCR104 in Huntingdon for a brief stint before settling in at Cambridge 105 which was the original host for my 90s music show.

Having already become an older person who frequently says, "Music was so much better in my day", the imaginatively named The 90s Show is going to celebrate that particular set of good old days, those days when fighting between bands happened loudly at award ceremonies and not on Twitter, the days when the major record labels still took the odd punt on a guitar band and when pop music was so extraordinarily cheesy you could pop it in a sandwich.

I'm also really pleased to be joining the Norwich Today team on Wednesdays, where I'm going to be focusing on family issues. Future Radio already feels like a great place to be and I'm really delighted to have been given not just one but two shows to host, perfectly combining my love of local radio and my love of music.

Norwich Today M-F from 12pm

 90s Show with Claire Craig Thursdays 3-4pm

Future Radio 107.8 FM DAB


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