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December, a month full of events

December, a month full of events

We are now in the last month of this 2014 that has brought so many changes to our organisation and we are looking to end this year in style.

Following the success of our live events last autumn (one above all ‘The Next Big Thing’ competition won by Harry Edward) we have three music events in town organized thanks to the dedication of our volunteers.

Djs from the Unity of Sound, Marvel and Midnite Mashup will play at the Gonzo’s Tea Room on Wednesday the 10th of December and the following week, the 17th, at the Howl Sanctuary. Entries on the nights are free and the Djs sessions will be broadcast live on Future Radio as well as on the internet. If you are a regular listener on weekday’s evenings come down on both nights, the outside broadcasting are a great chance to see some of your favourite DJs performing live and chat to them about their careers in the music industry.

Sunday the 14th of December will see the return of another successful format, the ‘Lucky 7s’ live session at the Playhouse. The format is very simple: we have seven DJs playing some of their favourite 45s. The event will start at 5pm, entry is free, and will feature the Future Radio presenters of the shows D-Tox, Acoustic and Eclectic, Rotation, Midnite Mashup and more.

Here at ‘Future Towers’ (as some volunteer like to call our offices in Motum Road) we are preparing for a busy couple of weeks ahead as most of our presenters are producing their festive period special shows. The shows will be on air between the 22nd and 28th of this month and will give you the chance to listen again to the best interviews and guests of the year as well as original music profiles on upcoming artists and bands.

A new selection of People Playlists, the programme that gives you the opportunity to choose the twelve songs you like the most, will also be broadcast from this month.

And what about the classic Christmas tunes? Catherine, Dean and Amy (the assistant producers here at Future) have sorted the playlist out and from today our daytime programmes will play some of those tunes (but not too many, I promise) to get you in the festive mood.   

Finally we’ll soon launch a new website which we have been working on for a long time. The website has been designed to be an engagement tool for us and the community; an user friendly platform that new and existing volunteers will use to find out about training opportunities, register their interest with us, podcast their shows and interviews and know more about the music our team of volunteers constantly selects and refresh.

A great way to end this year and much more exciting opportunities to come in 2015!

Daniele Fisichella, Station Manager



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