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Easter at Future Radio

Easter at Future Radio

We have over 100 active volunteers putting in in excess of 200 hours of their time into producing the output here at Future Radio and Easter provides a great opportunity to show case some of fantastic shows created by our volunteer force. We know that listening habits change when the schools are on holiday as routines are often swapped for days out and time with the family.  Future Radio sees this as a fantastic chance to reach new listeners to Norwich’s Community Radio Station and to expose new shows to those who already have their dials tuned in to 107.8FM across the city.

Dean Tucker will kick things off on Good Friday with a Breakfast Show Easter Special which will include some familiar voices and of course some great tunes that you won’t get to hear on other Norwich local radio. Francis Wolf of Wolf & Bird puts his tracks into the Future Time Capsule hosted by Jackie Heffer-Cooke tells a touching story about family life.

Moving onto Easter Saturday.  Who knew that the stall holders on Norwich Market had such good music taste? Well we were impressed! You can hear Norwich Market Stallholders People’s Playlist on Saturday  lunchtime 1-2pm Everything from Toots and the Maytals (the choice of Ian from the Mare’s Nest Record Stall) to Bessie Smith chosen from Gareth Butcher from the Herb and Spice stall (he’s been on the market for 42 years!) For the local Polish community we have Polska at 3pm which has been running now for several years here on Future Radio hosted by Kamilla and Dominika.

Sunday’s output on Future Radio has always been really popular with music lovers across the city and Easter Sunday will be sticking to its usual schedule. However there is nothing usual in the music you will hear-  everything from Indie, Gospel Blues and Soul through to some rare  tracks from across the Globe on Boiling PointBoiling Point was started up by Norwich based DJ and record collector Keith Slater who was originally associated with Soul ,RnB ,Blues and Jazz. He started collecting rare African dance tunes to mix in at his parties. Who remembers the Jolly Butchers ??. The show specializes in rare records from the tropical zone including Afrobeat, Ethio-jazz, Carimbo, Cumbia, Highlife, Tumbele, Angolan Simba, Congolese Rumba and Manding Jazz from West Africa. Concentrating on the "Golden Era" mid 50s-early 90s, this music is played from original vinyl records and, although a little scratchy at times it will warm your soul on Sunday mornings.

Easter Monday provides Bowie fans another chance to hear The David Bowie Fan club Picnic by John Osborne and another opportunity to hear the brilliant Ashby Court Players perform their radio play A Sprat to Catch a Mackerel all about how older people can be targeted for scams. As ever there are far too many shows to talk about here but you can head to for full details.

Why not give your local community radio station a listen this Easter.

Happy Holidays

Kate Roma Station Coordinator

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