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Ellen Mary's August Gardening Blog - Sponsored by PlantGrow

Ellen Mary's August Gardening Blog - Sponsored by PlantGrow

Gardeners of Norfolk are all as frustrated as the plants right now! Sun, rain, wind, rain… summer has been quite a ride. The warm, wet weather has definitely encouraged all the aphids to enjoy the garden plus slugs and snails are in their element. I diligently wrapped copper tape around my garden pots and decided the Hosta’s I wanted to grow could wait another year. The slugs really have been out in force. 

One thing I have noticed, is the lack of slugs and snails on the allotment despite the weather and many tasty plants for them. The soil is very sandy which I am sure probably helps but I have also found how they tend not to like PlantGrow! The mulch is too course for them so they tend to avoid it in my experience. Which is an added benefit to using the mulch on my no dig plot and in my garden pots. 

Usually I get a load delivered to the allotment in autumn and sometimes spring then bag up a little to take home as well. Great news now is that the soil conditioners, mulch and fertiliser are available in 40 litre bags so if you only need a little you can grab just enough by the bag.

It seems crazy to be thinking ahead to autumn and winter pots but the season is running away with itself, the squash plants are growing at an immense pace and on the rainy days there’s a definitely autumnal feel (although lets hope for the late heatwave we’ve been waiting for all summer) so I have been thinking about what I will use to grow some pretty autumn plants in. The compost in my pots need replenishing so PlantGrows super soil mix might do the trick, which is a mix of PlantGrow and topsoil. Then I will plant some winter pansies, sedum, festuca, heucheras and maybe heather and cyclamen. I also have a sarcococca on order, cant beat that winter fragrance!

Really excited to find out more about the new PlantGrow products coming soon including soil enricher and compost booster.

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Find these products listed and detailed on the PlantGrow website


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