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Future Radio Achievements

Future Radio Achievements

For Community Radio stations around the UK, the months of February and March are a time where annual ‘Ofcom Reports’ are written – looking at the output, key commitments, and finances of the radio station. I have been busy writing Future Radio’s report this past week or so. It’s actually quite nice to write this document, to be able to reflect on the achievements and successes of Future Radio in 2013.

As part of the annual report, we are asked to confirm if we are delivering on our ‘key commitments’ – which are basically 29 promises we made to Ofcom when we first started broadcasting that ensure we are delivering social gain and are accountable to the community we serve.

Ofcom ask that we “deliver inclusive programming output of relevance to local people and in which they can actively participate. The station will strive to cater for the variety of tastes and needs that exist within the various facets of its target community.”

In response to this I can point at the Future Radio schedule – we have a huge variety of programming! Specialist music programmes, a dedicated sports show, LGBT output, arts programming, local interest radio shows, and foreign language output – we have always aimed for our schedule to be representative of wider Norwich.

Another of the 29 commitments says:  “The service will typically be broadcast live for at least 12 hours per day. The majority of the output will be locally produced.”

We are usually broadcasting live for 16 hours a day, some days longer. All but a couple of programmes are made here in our radio studios.

Future Radio is asked to “periodically broadcast programmes showcasing local employment opportunities and may offer advice and information to help people gain employment.”

We have a two weekly programmes that do just that, ‘Jobs Plus’ on a Saturday afternoon, and ‘Business Life’ on Thrusdays as part of our Norwich Today strand.

Finally, we are also asked by Ofcom to “offer broadcast training opportunities to individuals and organisations in the target community, with basic radio training for at least 50 people each year.”

In 2013, we actually trained 110 individuals, including over 80 young people. Radio is such an accessible, confidence-building medium, its increasingly being used by schools – Future Radio would love to be offering our training services to schools across the whole county.

To see our whole Ofcom Key Commitments documentation from previous years, and in turn find out about some of our achievements, visit


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