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Get in to the Media Industry with Future Radio

Get in to the Media Industry with Future Radio

Future Radio is very happy to announce that we are offering access to a National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) Level 3 Diploma Course, with the Learning and Development Bureau. The NCTJ Level 3 Diploma is designed by journalists, to train people in the field of journalism and provide a qualification that employers recognise when recruiting journalists.

The Learning and Development Bureau is a provider of top quality training and development programmes across the UK, more information on them can be found here

The Learning and Development Bureau provide instructors for fortnightly training sessions and to provide assignments that will then be carried out with us at Future Radio, giving candidates both theoretical and practical experience.



The length of the course is flexible and will be determined by the progress of the candidates, but is estimated at one year. Estimated hours over that year are 560 hours of guided learning, including the fortnightly training sessions and an additional 260 hours preparation and study. However, the allocation of those hours is very flexible and could be done around a part time job.


Course Outline

Learners must gain 82 credits overall to obtain the full qualification. Credit is awarded for achievement of grades A-E in each of the units and/or 60-120 words per minute shorthand. Modules include:

Mandatory units     

Level 3 Essential journalism     22 credits 

Level 3 Essential journalism ethics and regulation    3 credits 

Level 3 E-portfolio for journalists    12 credits 

Level 3 Essential Media Law and Regulation for Journalists  10 credits

Optional elective units 

Level 3 Shorthand for journalists    14 credits 

Level 3 Public affairs for journalists      7 credits 

Level 3 Media law court reporting      7 credits 

Level 3 Production journalism      7 credits 

Level 3 Videojournalism for online      7 credits

Level 3 Business of magazines      7 credits 

Level 3 Sports journalism       7 credits  

Level 3 Broadcast journalism    14 credits 

Level 3 Business and finance journalism     7 credits 

Level 3 Photography for Journalists      7 credits 

Level 3 PR and communications for journalists  14 credits 

Level 3 Practical Magazine Journalism  14 credits 

Level 3 Radio Journalism      7 credits 

Level 3 TV Journalism      7 credits 

Level 3 Introduction to PR for journalists    7 credits


Who Can Apply?

·         The course is open to anyone over the age of 16

·         UK residency

·         At least 5 GCSEs at or above level 4 or grade C

·         The only fees that apply are the Future Radio membership fees, which are £10 per month or £5 per month concessions (students in full time education or recipients of employment limiting benefits). There is no fee for under 18s. 


Where to Apply

Please follow this link to fill out and submit an application form


Deadline to Apply

The course will start as soon as we have enough approved candidates, however spaces are very limited, so please apply as soon as possible to avoid missing out.


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