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How Future Changed My Life

How Future Changed My Life

It was whilst a serving prisoner at HMP Norwich that I first came into contact with Future Radio. I am now 48 years old and have been involved with the criminal justice system for as long as I care to remember. Yet here I was getting close to fifty and still making the the same stupid mistakes. in the past I have made many attempts at turning my life around and for one reason or another was never able to fulfil my aims. I accept responsibility for my actions however some of this was down to the limited or inadequate support I had always received. I was however determined to ensure that this was my last stay in prison. I had heard that Future Radio were coming into the prison to facilitate a resettlement radio course for those prisoners who were due for release to the Norwich area.

This is when I met the incredible Laura Bloomfield who would along with her colleagues would have a profound effect on my life. After an initial chat with Laura I knew that Future were the support network that I wanted behind me, Laura completely sold me on what they were offering. I made a conscious decision there and then that I would engage with the support on offer from Future. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I was released on the 9th June 2017 and was shocked to see that Laura was waiting for me the other side of the gate, after having a number of releases from prison in the past this for me was a first, I cannot explain the feeling of confidence and belief this gave me in moving forward and putting my trust in Future, and they have never let me down. Everything positive that has happened to me since release is due to the belief that Future have and continue to show in me.

A decision had been taken by probation to place me in a hostel in Luton for six weeks, before relocating to a hostel back in Norwich, even though my support network were based in Norwich. I was struggling to negotiate those six weeks in Luton and without the support I received from Laura and Future I can guarantee that I wouldn't be writing this article from a position of freedom, not only that I have never made it this far ever on release from prison, I have on four separate occasions failed at certain stages of being on licence and subsequently been recalled back to prison to finish off my sentence.

I am forever in Futures debt for what they have done for me, they have a natural empathy for their clients that shines through and in my opinion puts them head and shoulders above any other support service I have came into contact with over the years.
It is because of Future that I now have a future. If Future were given the opportunity to support more clients then not only will they be saving the tax paying residents of Norfolk hundreds of thousands of pounds due to the reduction of re offending and recalls with the subsequent costs that entails, they will also be helping to protect the citizens of Norwich by assisting with individuals choosing a separate path rather than committing offences.

I owe Future my thanks, my freedom and without sounding dramatic my life.

David Breakspear


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