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Jake Massey and his time in Norwich

Jake Massey and his time in Norwich

When I first moved to Norwich a few months back I felt lost – I didn’t know the city or many people here. I would find myself wandering around and discovering some truly amazing street names - Rampant Horse Street and St Gregory’s Back Alley to name but two! Overtime I learnt the most efficient route from my flat to the supermarket, and I now appreciate the quaint beauty of the city’s streets – rather than cursing them as a cobbled maze.


I have also found my sense of place within the community and I largely attribute this to volunteering at Future Radio. I was first enticed by the station’s varied output, which covers anything from interviews with local bishops to post-punk-euro-acid-house-bangers; I thought initially that somebody must have been craftily retuning my boom-box (yes I have a boom-box)! When I heard a jingle inviting people in the local area to get involved, I figured why not get in touch?


I am now a producer for the Norwich Today Show and my disorientation of months passed feels like a distant memory. Booking guests and sourcing stories for my presenter Mike, my finger is always on the pulse of Norwich and I have been pleasantly shocked by just how much is going on in this too often underestimated city. I have met some really interesting and inspiring people through the show, and I take great satisfaction from getting in touch with these commendable local causes and enabling them to spread their message across the region.


I have gained a fascinating insight into the operational processes of a radio station, whilst also developing a range of skills that will be of great benefit to me both personally and professionally in my pursuit of a career in media. The environment of the station as a whole is supportive and collaborative, with new ideas and inputs welcomed; it really is a space where you can get out whatever you put in.


Also, my formerly dusty ‘record collection’ has been given a much needed makeover, with Future keeping me up to date with a diversity of new and local music – never again shall I miss a great gig or free event hiding just around the corner.


I encourage you to tune in to your community radio station, Future Radio 107.8FM, DAB and online at and keep abreast of everything going on in your fine city.


Jake Massey

Producer of Norwich Today on Future Radio. 


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