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Mark Thorpe and his musical journey

Mark Thorpe and his musical journey

When in 2011 I was approached to present a show on Future Radio I was full of trepidation and excitement in equal measure. As someone who grew up listening to John Peel under the covers on a transistor radio has always been my medium of choice. Equally as a person who has never had a strong faith music has been my religion of choice. That may sound strange to many people but dissecting lyrics and experiencing both highs and lows of an artist as you listen to a body of work has always moved me.

People often ask me ‘Mark, why are so passionate about Future Radio?’. It's a simple answer for me. It's possibly the most diverse musical spectrum out there maybe nationally and most certainly locally. I present a show on a Thursday evening between 8-10 pm which is a mix of new music and classic oldies over the years we have given exposure way before the mainstream to the likes of Ben Howard, Gotye, Public Service Broadcasting and about 18 months ago I played a track by an unknown artist Hozier who it seems is destined for the very top.

Through my show I hope to introduce people to new artists, some who will have stellar futures alongside those who should. The most important thing for me is open the ears of Norwich to some of the fine talent we have in this city which is often overlooked. With that in mind I’m looking forward to running a series of sessions on the show in 2015 the first of which will be coming soon featuring the band Breaking Belief who have recorded a live session at the excellent studios we have at Future.

So who am I...My back story kind of starts in 1979 when I was lucky enough to go on tour with The Jam after a chance meeting with support band The Purple Hearts I’ve been so privileged to meet, interview and see many of my idols live over the years but like most people I thought I had reached my musical timeline by the age of 30ish until by chance I heard Arcade Fire in 2004 their album reinvigorated my love for music.

Since then I have spent my time writing for various music blogs as well as being invited to judge the Glastonbury Emerging Talent contest since its inception.

Through my entire musical journey I think the biggest and most important thing I have learnt is that music is subjective it’s all in the ear of the beholder. Future Radio gives me a platform to express that and I hope it gives you the listener a platform to expand your musical journey.

Mark Thorpe is a volunteer and presents ‘The Mix Tape’ every Thursday from 8 till 10pm


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