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New Show - Recycled Soul

New Show - Recycled Soul

The journey started with a pirate radio back in the day in my hometown of Reading, with a few local fellows who wanted to play the music we wanted to hear, I went along as an MC.  Music has been a huge part of my life since I can remember.  Since 2009 I’ve lived in this fine city, I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I moved here.  The music, art and culture scene in Norwich is rich and needs to be embraced and supported by the community.  I’m proud to be part of engaging the scene with Future radio.

The Recycled Soul show encompasses a wide range of music genres, I started listening to John Peel at very young age, and the first piece of vinyl purchased in my youth kick really started my passion for music.

I immigrated to Spain for a number of years where I met a plethora of people from all over the world and this deepened my musical knowledge, I was lucky enough to DJ all over the place and collected music from wherever I could.  I was introduced to another ‘music head’ and we convinced the local community radio station that we had the sound they wanted, out of nowhere we were in demand.  Then my wife fell pregnant, I made a choice to settle down and be a family man.

I stopped the nightlife and settled down to be a father, then I found Future radio and it re-ignited my fire for music that may have dimmed to embers after a long break!

Future is a superb platform, and has given me the opportunity to volunteer as a broadcaster, thus reviving my passion for music, I enjoy sounds from all backgrounds if it’s good we’ll play it on the show.  Being on radio has helped my confidence and a chance to be involved in the community and use broadcasting techniques, although it may sound easy, being on the radio, there is a lot to remember!

On the show you can expect to hear sounds that are going to get you moving for your Friday night whatever you are doing, for example Ninja tune, Tru-Thoughts, Brownswood, some you might know, some you will love even if you’ve never heard it before, new and old tunes too. 

The ‘Recycled Soul’ show is exactly that, it delivers soul based sounds, pin back your lug holes and open your mind.  We’ll have prizes from BBE (Barely Breaking Even) music labels hailing from Hastings, UK, amongst others.  They have kindly donated to our cause and believe in our sound, we are in discussion with Ninjatune and Warp records to name a few.  We really want to do big things!

Geoff Mayers is a volunteer and presents ‘Recycled Soul’ on Friday from 10pm till 11pm


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