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Radio is a steep learning curve but good fun

Radio is a steep learning curve but good fun

It was 1985 when I got my first microphone.  It was bright blue and attached to the Fisher Price ‘sing-a-long radio’ I’d spent all year begging my parents to buy me.  Giving in to that demand was probably a decision they later regretted, when their 6 year old forced them to sit and listen to her endless ‘broadcasts’.

As time went on, my passion for the microphone never wavered.  And although my career would take me away from the wireless and into TV,  I never forgot those home broadcasts. 

So 18 months ago I knocked on the door at Future and asked if they’d teach me to do it for real.  It’s a request they never turn down.  That’s the great thing about community radio – everyone is given a chance, regardless of experience.  They showed me how to use the equipment and gave me the confidence to put together my own show.  They let me bounce ideas around and encouraged me to get in touch with other volunteers.

It’s been a steep learning curve but when you’re working with such a tight knit group, there’s always someone to help out when you get stuck.  If you have a skill you’re encouraged to share it.  So in return I’ve helped train others in areas like writing and media law.

It turns out that radio is really good fun. You get to play the music you love while chatting to strangers about the things you love – whether that’s alternative music, art galleries or archery. Yep Future offers a pretty diverse mix.

But best of all, it’s streamed online, so anyone , anywhere can listen. Which means 30 years on I can still force my parents to sit down listen to my broadcasts.


Sascha Williams is a volunteer and presents the ‘Minority Sports Report’ every Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm.

Next week it will be her last show for a while as she’s going on maternity leave. And we wish her all the best and can’t wait to have her back on air! 


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