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The Hardboiled Show

The Hardboiled Show

“Welcome to the Hardboiled Show with Danny Hardwax and Kleef Kleef, will be talking about all sorts of genre, some mixes of electronica and a bit of history….”

Never thought it would be possible to say such an introduction. Twenty years since graduating an HND Music Production, and knowing a fully fledged DJ to accompany my sound engineering experiences.

Its not been plain sailing, the show idea was to incorporate our experiences, our loves, our obsessions, addictions of all things electronica. An industry of music that can be fickle and complicated, in a job market that struggles to take into account any one person talents, we found an oasis: Future Radio, that gave us our strength back, our creativity got the chance to do its yoga.

You see, not everyone is the diva, or front man, not everyone can be the success image and marketing dream by the age of 21…but the creativity never stops, the personality builds and the openings for such can be challenging. But here at Future Radio that opening was there, the wood for the trees. I don’t know how many places exist like this. But when you are given the chance to do your thing, you realise there’s more to life, you’ve joined something that’s real, that’s made you realise there is humanity. Places like Future Radio should never have to justify their existence, as they help keep the dreams alive.

The ‘Hardboiled Show’ revived me, I just don’t know of anywhere and of anyone like the team who run Future, that would have given us the chance to express and do the things we love. There’s so much music out there unheard of, so much talent that needs airing and so much of that no one would know about if the opportunity didn’t exist. People need music, they need art, they need creativity and it’s what makes us human. Dan and I have been used to keeping what we did at home, tucked away, occasionally playing ideas to friends and family. But this, the volunteering, despite our employed status is what keeps our brains and our dreams alive.

There are many ways to express in life, but unless action is taken to do so, nothing happens. Being a volunteer at Future Radio is that expression …in action.

Cliff Roffey is a volunteer and presents (with Danny Brackenbury) the ‘Hardboiled Show’ on air every Friday at 11pm.

Listen to Future Radio on 107.8 FM, on DAB and online at


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