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9th April 2021 

We are going to do the “Feel Good Guide”. This is where we list things you can be doing to make lockdown better, improve their wellbeing and mental health.


Banham Zoo Reopening!  

  • Wow! A real event you can go to... IN PERSON! What a better way to celebrate this glimpse to the ‘new normal’ than a trip to Banham Zoo with the family. 

  • The Zoological Society of East Anglia has announced that Banham Zoo in Norfolk will open their doors on Monday 12 April, with the first five days reserved for annual pass holders and all members of the public invited to book slots from Saturday 17 April.

  • ZSEA see a positive future ahead following magnificent fundraising efforts by dedicated supporters amounting to over £60,000 over 12 months.  

  • They also received a lifeline Zoo Animals Fund grant of £752,000 from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to cover the cost of animal care during this third lockdown, and to undertake much needed repairs. 

  • Make sure to book your tickets as soon as you can as they will definitely sell out fast! Find out more at their website.  


TV Pick of the day 

Grand Tour of Scotland’s Lochs - BBC Two – 8:00pm 

  • This scenic look at the beautiful Scottish country-side serves as a compilation of Paul Murton’s recent travels and adventures. 

  • A chance to catch up with some of the best bits of previous episodes featuring the nation's lochs, discovering the secrets of the iconic Scottish landscape. 


Churchill: A Gathering Storm - Channel 5 – 9:00pm 

  • This is the story of Winston Churchill's return from the political wilderness to become the heroic war leader many still celebrate today.  

  • Though Churchill stood against India's move towards independence, his warnings about Nazi Germany were thought by some to be misplaced, and eventually he was proved right.  

  • In this episode, those closest to him reveal the true story behind the most important speech of his life. 


What to listen to on Future Radio 

10pm – 11pm Hardboiled: Dan Brackenbury 

  • If fast breakbeats, heavy bass and sub-bass lines are your thing, tune in to DJ Hard Wax playing all genres of electronic music and drum and base. 


If you are attending any of the above events, please make sure you do so SAFELY and FOLLOW THE SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES as set out by the government and the venue. If you have any symptoms or are feeling unwell, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND.


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