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Your New April 2019 Local Music Playlist

Your New April 2019 Local Music Playlist

These are our new songs and artists who are featuring on our Future Radio local music playlist!

Front Bangs - Show Me Something

Four-piece band from Norwich. Basically four lads getting together, having an argument, and producing some sort of alternative/funk mish mash. That's so Front Bangs. This is their new single, ‘Show Me Something’.

The Visitors – Idols

The Visitors are a 5 piece pop punk band based in the fine city of Norwich. They play all original material with Lily-Ann Reeve on vocals, Simon Richardson on guitar, Lou Seventh on guitar, Nathaniel Laker on bass, Connor Hirsh on drums and Daniel Cook our official roadie.

LAZYBOY - Dead Close

Lazy Boy are a 4 piece based in Norwich with a pretty broad selection of influences but the main ones being bands like The Strokes, Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys. This is one of their newest tracks in quite a while and it is known as ‘Dead Close’.

Floral Image – Singularity

Floral Image are an alternative rock band from Norwich. Formerly going under names such as The Psychedelia Smiths and Wicca Moon, they have now found their calling as Floral Image. The band currently comprises Fergus Nolan, Jack Warner (both formerly of Fever Machine fame) and Paul Winfield. Their inspirations include Tame Impala, The War On Drugs, The Doors, Radiohead, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, MGMT, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Connan Mockasin. The songs have been produced, mixed and mastered by co-founder Warner. The hope is to take The Image to the gig venues of Norwich and beyond in the coming months.

Sidney Bridges – Inanight

Sidney Bridges is an androgynous, noisy character created from stress who is making a new album in 2020 known as 'De Laci Protégé'. 3 singles are being released in the buildup. ‘Inanight’ is the second single, which is being released on April 27th. This is a song influenced by Merzbow, Sonic Youth, Neu!, Kraftwerk, Swans, Bjork, Melody’s Echo Chamber and Boards of Canada, whilst staying grounded in contemporary pop. ‘Inanight’ is about trying to fall in love whilst having an identity/personality crisis.

Lisa Redford – The Edge of Love

"The Edge of Love" is the title track of Lisa Redford's new EP released 10th May 2019. Heartfelt and melodic with haunting cello, piano and harmony vocals, it is produced by The Vagaband's Jose McGill.

Kushty & Red Rootz - Higher Inspiration

This is Kushty & Red Rootz with their new song, Higher Inspiration! This is their Future Radio debut and it was produced by Jaztec.

Julzey J – Talkin’

Local rap / hip hop / R&B artist from the Norwich just starting out with getting thier music profile professional. Beginning to get bookings for shows now having performed twice and featured in another show! Also booked for the Rumsey Wells in Norwich for the twelfth of April, so don’t miss out!

Hex Friends – Pinky Promise

This is Hex Friends with their new song, Pinky Promise! It was sent into

Darri T - Be Mine

‘Be Mine’ is a song you can listen to on all music streaming platforms and this song has loads of emotion and meaning behind it. Darri T is a 20 year old rapper from Norwich and he has loads of songs in the pipeline and lots more grime and hip hop tracks to share also. He’s looking to reach out to as many people as he can with his music so I like to make each song different to the next and don’t like to stick to one genre!

Excitingly, he’s also going to Barcelona next month to shoot a video for Hhis new track ‘done it again’ and also mid way through finishing the video for his song ‘ego boost’ which will be out on GRMDAILY YouTube channel!

Alfie Carpenter - The Ebb And The Flow

Alfie has self-released his debut album, Land Song, which came out on Friday 22nd February! Dreamy alt-folk inspired by Norfolk landscapes.

Cutback - Hear You Now

Norwich based rock group boasting muscular, hook-driven rock riffs. Here is their long-awaited new song, ‘Hear You Now’!

Sadface Sammi  - Wolves

This is Sadface Sammi’s new song, Wolves!


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