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Your New April Local Music Playlist

Your New April Local Music Playlist

Mammal Not Fish – When I’m Dead

Blending Indie Rock with undertones of Funk and Reggae, Mammal Not Fish is a fresh new four piece band born from Norwich. “When I’m Dead” is a track from their new EP Room 6. You can find their music on Spotify, Itunes, Youtube, and Amazon.

Brother Pit – Rain

Brother Pit are a seven piece string band playing “an eclectic mix of traditional American, Irish and South-American songs”. “Rain” is an original by the group, from their new self-titled album.

Ravenous Hounds – World on Fire

Punk rock n roll drenched in synth and sax sounds. Commanded by stomping drum grooves, baritone and six string guitars set a disconcerted tone that will shake the very foundations of any venue. Ravenous Hounds feature ex-Savage Island and current Beast with a Gun members.

Gladboy – The Weight of Expectation

An experimental pop trio, the group formed after jamming together in their halls at UEA. Gladboy’s debut single “The Weight of Expectation” was recorded “in a recording session that lasted from 18.00 until 6.00am the following morning, on a mixing desk belonging to Frank Zappa.”

Naomi Sutherland – Sceptre

Naomi is a singer from London, now living in Norwich. She previously featured on the Future Sounds show with her debut EP Intuition, and now returns with her new track “Sceptre”, a song about “growing up all over the world so never having any sense of home”.

Interesting Times Gang – Wayward Navigator

The Interesting Times Gang sing about “space travel, but we also sing about things that aren't space travel (like betrayal, cannibals, toxic friendships, and travelling in space).”

Weathered Wall – Dream My Dreams

New track from local artists Weathered Wall. They write, compose, and produce all their own tracks, weaving between Experimental, Electronic and Ambient music.

Lily – Embers

Lily is 17 years old, currently studying A Levels in Norwich. Her track “Embers” was also recently featured on BBC Radio Norfolk Introducing.


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