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Your New June / July Local Playlist

Your New June / July Local Playlist

Little Red Kings – Said to Me

''Little Red Kings are a group of five dedicated musicians based around Norwich, Norfolk. A vision of alternative roots rock brought the five band members together, and with a powerful live show they haven't looked back. Their music combines a gritty roots quality, reminiscent of British classic blues rock bands of the 70's, with strong melodies and elements of modern alternative rock''.   

Exploits – Tell Her This Lie

Exploits formed in the summer of 2017, and got gigging straight away. Their lead singer/songwriter spent many years playing solo and writing songs about heartbreak and complex relationships between men and women before finding Exploits who brought his songs to life. Tell Her This Lie is a song written by Sean Clack about the complicated relationships within breakups.

The Broken Maps – Feel No Love

The Broken Maps are an acoustic duo made up from Leah and Stuart! Who wrote their own original material focusing on strong harmonious vocals and enchanting melodies. The pair met in Essex where they performed together in college. After 9 years of pursuing different things they reunited in 2013 and started writing together again. 2018 sees them writing a brand new set of songs and a few gigs dotted about in Norfolk and Suffolk. And of course the realise of ‘Feel no Love’. The single was recorded in 2014 at Amblin man studios in Suffolk. The single version has some added percussion and instruments all played by Stuart. The song itself is about a troubled relationship alternating between love and hate. This is represented in the song with the vocal parts

Bag of Cans – Clean as a whistle

This local band play a heavy, bluesy version of indie-punk, combining Libertines-style songwriting with the English humour akin to early Blur and the Kinks. Although only in their infancy as a band, having only played together for six months, the group have already established a reputation as one of the more crazed live acts on the circuit.

Finn Doherty – Feel So Good

Nearly 18 months after the release of his debut, Heritage & Parenting, singer songwriter Finn Doherty launches his highly anticipated new mixtape, The Choice That You Made, with “Feel So Good” as the lead single. With influences ranging from KT Tunstall and Lucy Rose to Green Day and Arctic Monkeys, Finn's songs are full of catchy melodies and eccentric progressions. His music has been described as "electronica indie pop", heavily influenced by alternative rock and hip hop.

Falling From Trees – Simple Rules

“Simple Rules” is the first track from the band’s brand new five track EP Sleepless Nights. Formed in late 2013, Falling From Trees began life as an acoustic three-piece comprising brothers Adam and Leo White on guitars and backing vocals, and sister Rebecca White, on lead vocals. In 2017 the trio expanded to a five piece, adding Joey Scampion on bass guitar and Sam Ball on drums, shifting from their previous folk inspired sound to a more rock orientated approach. Sleeples Nights was described by Altwire as "an early offering of what will hopefully become a long series of ventures musically, this is a body of work to be proud of in the years to come and as a reintroduction to Falling From Trees, Sleepless Nights is exactly what it needed to be.

Blue Alatar - Rise of Pandapopolis

“Rise of Pandapoppolis” is the first single for Blue Alatar’s debut album, Irradiated Hamster Alert, due for release on September 8th, 2018. Tracks are composed by guitarist and music educator Liam Taylor, who draws influence from a variety of artists and styles - from world music, to classic and contemporary rock, to film composers, , and psychedelic artists. Listeners can download this single, for free, from BlueAlatar.Bandcamp as of June 22nd, 2018.



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