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Your New May Local Music Playlist

Your New May Local Music Playlist

Front Bangs – Down by the River

Front Bangs is a four piece band mate of four lads from Norwich. The name comes from one of the band members getting bangs from the hairdressers and insisting they were called "Front Bangs". The four of us basically get together and have a massive argument and somehow end up with a song. Everyone in the band has a completely different music taste which (hopefully) gives us a unique and diverse sound. They’ve written/played plenty of original songs but recorded this - their first single - on 30th March.

Haquin ft EYERA

Eyera, a London born singer/songwriter taught herself to sing at an early age by immersing herself in the sounds of R&B soul singers such as Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu. She is currently recording material for her first EP which she intends to release next year. This piece started out as a heartfelt improvisation on the producer (Haquin’s ) old family piano. It explores lyrically the longing of becoming more at home in your own skin, so in many ways it was written as an affirmation.

JJ Leone – Silver Lining

'Silver Lining' is written, produced and performed entirely by himself – He calls it 'Lazy Soul'. It was selected as Record Of The Week by BBC Introducing, been reviewed in USA, UK, France, Russia and Brazil.

The Written - From Now Until Forever

Recently formed from the ashes of a number of Norwich bands and a demo is now available. Rooted in 90s and 00s punk with a no-nonsense delivery and relentless catchy melodies, in the vein of The Gaslight Anthem, Dave Hause and Weezer. All members are veterans of the local scene and previous bands include; Southpaw, The Art of Escaping, 32 frames per second and Broken Window Effect.

Alexander Carson – Lovers

Based on two Charles Baudelaire poems “The Death of Lovers” and “The Death of the Poor”, “Lovers” poignantly explores the fear of loss and how all things are reclaimed in the end by nature. In his own words “there is an acceptance of death as an inevitability and in turn a sense of peace.”

Five Worst Things – The Beelips

They’re bringing you a brand new track exclusively on their soundcloud.

Labelled Dead – Holiday

A local group releasing their first single.

Milan – Sight for Sore Eyes

Electronic pop song with a slight petshopboys / beloved twang

The Blue Room – Mess it all Up

Mark Bryan, producer of The Blue Room has released this single featuring Emily Coy.

Robin Shaw -  Forever

Based  around a wonderful elderly couple, this is to date the most sentimental song he has written. With a classical/hip/hop feel.


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