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Your New November Local Music Playlist

Your New November Local Music Playlist

These are our new songs and artists who are featuring on our Future Radio local music playlist:

algae bloom – Thorns

algae bloom is a 2-piece twinkly skramz band from Norwich. ‘Thorns’ is a part of the album ‘I Am Everyone I’ve Ever Met’. The songs are focused on our greatest personal failures, the gulf that separates our real-world actions from those of our idealized selves, and the ever-present difficulty of living day-to-day which at this point is a background hum barely worthy of acknowledgement.

Fever Machine – Lose My Way

Fever Machine are a ‘moody rock’ band and they have supported the likes of Happy Coloured Marbles, Lucille and Gladboy. They have just released a new EP on the 25th of October, called ‘The Fever Man’.

Nova Soon – Let’s Be Vampires

A 23-year-old songwriter & classical guitarist based in Norwich and NOVA SOON is his musical alter ego... plus his main reason for existing. Nova has slowly found his own ‘sound’, built around fingerstyle arpeggios, subtly offbeat jazz-inflected chord progressions, & melodic yet haunting vocals. Lyrically, his touchstones are the depths of outer space & human mortality — two lingering childhood obsessions — as well as the redeeming possibility of love in our tiny corner of this terrifying universe. (Also, for some reason, vampires.) After many years of reluctant shyness, he finally launched himself as NOVA SOON in earnest in spring 2018 by releasing 2 demos online: the eponymous ‘Nova Soon’, & ‘Story Still Forming’, the latter of which enjoyed radio play on BBC Music Introducing. Off the back of these unofficial ‘singles’, he went on to play several successful, intimate shows at various Norfolk venues, including Platform Twelve, The Birdcage & Bedfords Crypt, as well as a festival appearance on The Acoustic Stage at Trunchonbury. He then spent the summer lying low & working on my upcoming debut EP, of which LET’S BE VAMPIRES is the first taste. The title may make it sound like a Halloween anthem, but really it’s not a spooky song at all — unless you count the existential terror of finding out as a child that you won’t live forever. That’s just Verse 1, though! The rest is about realising how, actually, we can all achieve immortality of a different kind: by drinking up the joys of our short lives, & in doing so, leaving behind a lasting legacy of love. Musically, it features me on classical guitar & vocals, plus additional production by James Grantham, an up-and-coming multi-instrumental genius who was kind enough to lend me his synth, string, piano & percussion talents. The full EP will feature LET'S BE VAMPIRES & five other fingerpicking, death-defying, spacey songs, also arranged & produced by James, & will be released in early 2019.

Miserable Man – Mr. Happy Feet

“Mr. Happy Feet" is Miserable Man new single. The song is infused with old Jamaican Ska and Swing Jazz flavours, yet respecting the classic Pop formula with emphasis on simple structure, upbeat tempo and catchy chorus. The style of both song and music video is inspired by the glorious days of the late 50's and early 60's, when dancing moves, dress code and hairstyle were key. For the shooting of the video some Swing dancers were involved and the location exudes nostalgia with hints of the school party from "Back To The Future", a favourite movie from the artist's childhood. A special thanks goes to Andy Garner for getting the cast together, Jose, Laura McGIll and Babbar Sher for lending me the cameras, plus a massive thanks to Dan Miles, Jon Bird and Mor Shavit for inspiration, logistics and backstage photography! Miserable Man sings all vocal parts and plays guitars, bass an percussions, plus, as usual, the mouth trumpet. For the occasion drummer Tom Eagle (Infa Riot) and piano player Piers Hunt (The Sweetbeats) were collaborating adding sound and helping the song to get the right colours. The track has been recorded by Jose Mc.Gill (The Vagaband) in his Norwich home studio (UK) and mixed and mastered by Martino Cuman at Le Pareti Sconnesse studio, Italy. The production follows the usual Miserable Man approach, relying on live take in the studio, simple mic techniques to capture the sound in the most organic way, with lots of natural room sound and very little post production. A 3 tracks E.P. will follow the single release shortly.

The Beelips – Game

A Future Radio favourite, The Beelips are retroelectrotwosome consisting of Chris and Jamie (from Narwich). Their production method involves “making all the music inside a machine and sing real voices over the top - this approach sometimes works.”

Light Skies Darken – Desire

They are a newly launched, young, female fronted rock trio from East Anglia built from members of Dog Fight, The Pure Floyd Show and Once Awake. A few weeks ago they launched our debut EP, Stare into the sun, with a brilliant gig in Kings Lynn supported by Dog Fight and Screaming Beauty. The EP is now up on Spotify and other platforms. They are heavily influenced and inspired by classic and progressive rock bands like Deep Purple, Toto, Led Zeppelin and Winger and so they have quite a unique sound for a band of their age. The EP itself, they have spent a lot of time writing and recording themselves from their home studio and they are really excited about the flavour of the songs that have been produced and can't wait to start gigging and playing them to people!

Prey Drive – Pancakes

Formed in late 2016, Prey Drive is a 4 piece rock band hailing from the ‘fine city’ of Norwich, England. All members of Prey Drive have previously toured the UK & Europe, whether it be in their own bands or as session musicians for international touring bands including ‘Slaves’ (US). Debut single ‘More Than Magic’ has over 35,000 plays on Spotify and was recently added to ‘New noise’ and ‘Rock all stars’ on Scuzz TV! The song has also been championed by Alex Baker on his Fresh Blood radio show for Kerrang!

Renadeans – Amputator

The Renadeans are a 3 piece bluesy punk rock band with Paul Murray on Guitar and Vocals, Ivan D'Eath on Drums and Max D'Eath on Bass guitar. This track, Coming Home Again, is from their recently released album, Taking 5. The album was released on Bandcamp by the 27th of July and other platforms. 

Maya Law – Give Me No Love (Lost)

Something of a rising star in our midst, and already a household name on the local scene, Maya is now beginning to break out onto the national stage too. With Radio 1 and 1Xtra plays under her belt, she has just completed her first four date UK tour. Maya started turning heads aged just 16, with live sessions with us at BBC Introducing in Norfolk and capturing runner up spot in the Next Big Thing 2016, losing out to winner Catnip and Claws. Now 18, she’s expanded her musical horizons, both recording and performing live, and is surely becoming a force to be reckoned with.

The Wolf Number – Windjammed

They may set up like a traditional rock power trio, but their music reflects a shared love of bold, experimental artists from many genres. The swaggering, cosmic riffs of psychedelic rock mix with jazzy trip-hop grooves and ambient post-rock noise to create songs that lead the audience through different atmospheres and moods. 

Shaun Church – Sleeping City

Shaun writes simple acoustic songs about things that come to mind. ‘Sleeping City’ is a part of his recent EP, ‘The Never Finished It EP’.

Red Ant Band – So Far So Good

The Red Ant Band is based in Norwich and record in NRSIX studios Norwich. They’re made up of Justin Brand, Carol Nicholls, and Mike Lee. All their tracks are Lee/Brand and they’ve now released 23 with 3 more ready to go for the rest of the year. They play all their own music and do the arrangements. Justin is from a heavy rock background, Carol blues and Mike Country Rock/Blues. All their songs have a story to tell.

Hydra Lerna – Reckless

Hydra Lerna is a singer/songwriter and harpist, but also an electronic pop music producer. A one-girl-show and qualified studio engineer, Hydra writes, records and produces all her music herself. Her live shows are always intriguing, with the harp on the left of the stage, manipulated through a loop and multi-FX pedal, and her laptop and novation launchpad on the right; she operates both sides, all while singing her often dark and captivating lyrics. Her live sound is 100% recreated live: what you hear on the record is what you see live.

Diamontika and Diverse Roots – British Rose

Diamontika is a singer / songwriter from Champagne, France. After many performances in and around London, she has teamed up with Diverse Roots to create her first debut album, ‘British Rose’. With Diverse Roots featuring and producing the album this adds a unique and exciting dimension to the collaboration. Dancing through different genres from Jazz to Rock, the songs paint a colourful canvas of the emotions we all experience in our intimate relationships!

Tundra – Get Lost

This is an Alternative/Punk/Indie band called Tundra. "Tundra are a band that have come out of no where to burst onto the Bury St Edmunds music scene." "One of the most exciting unsigned bands in the UK" "They’ve cemented themselves as one of the best bands in the East" Supporting the likes of Marmozets, Horse Party, Desperate Journalists Rose Dive, Gaffa Tape Sandy and Sharkmuffin. Tundra create a performance at their shows. At their show at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds, a stage invasion of 25+ people occurred in their final song. Tundra have made a name for themselves. Messy.

We’ll Be Detectives – Blue

‘Blue’ is the second track from the debut EP 'Strange Illusion' by We'll Be Detectives.

Emma O’Reilly – Wolf

Emma O’Reilly is an artist from the West of Ireland who's recently moved over to Norwich.  The song "Wolf" is based on an older version of the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale in which the wolf is actually the victim. The recorded version is "Part 1", because you hear the full story when you hear the song live. :D From her latest EP FRACTURES, "Codhladh Sámh" is quite dark and moody.

The Icon – Losing My Mind

The Icon won their way to the national SoundWaves Music Competition Final from over 1,000 acts nationally at O2 Institute Birmingham recently, and the lads are getting back into the recording studio. The Icon have also been enjoying playing a variety of gigs across the UK at pubs, clubs, festivals, charity events and parties and also at the end of last season, a performance at Anfield for ‘Liverpool Match Day Live Music’. Whilst playing a variety of music from a range of artists from the last 50 years, their music has always included a core of songs from that bygone era and is founded on harmonies with a rocky performance to match.



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