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Your New October Local Music Playlist

Your New October Local Music Playlist

These are our new songs and artists who are featuring on our Future Radio local music playlist:

Lazy Boy – SEMIPRO

Lazy Boy are a 4 piece based in Norwich with a pretty broad selection of influences but the main ones being bands like The Strokes, Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys. SEMIPRO is about drug use and cheating in sport. One of the main lyrics is 'What they don't know will never hurt them' which is about the supporters of the character not knowing they'd been cheating and the song speaks about how it's covered up and hidden from the public.

Noqturnal Musik - I Only Want You For Your Time

Noqturnal Musik is a one man producer and guitarist hailing from Norwich, who enjoys making dark & weird songs. Everything is written, produced and performed by one person. The genre of this artist is Dark Psychedelia.

Front Bangs – Forever Yours

Front Bangs are a four-piece from Norwich. Their first single "Down By The River" has already been on future radio and they are now about to release their debut 6-track EP. "Forever Yours" is the track number one on the EP.

Adam Greenall - Tin Man

Adam Greenall is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Manchester, now based in Norwich, currently producing his own brand of indie pop/alternative folk. A diverse range of influences has inflected his work with elements of pop, blues, electronic and alternative music. Particular inspirations include Bon Iver, The National, Fleetwood Mac, Ryan Adams, The War On Drugs and Feist. He relaunched his solo career in 2017 with 'Go Home'. His new single 'Tin Man' has been released on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer and other streaming services on September 14th, 2018. He is planning on two singles before releasing his next album around November 2018. Tracks on the new album will combine the pop/rock sound of 'Go Home' with folktronica, soul and disco influenced songs. While his first solo album was a more straightforward singer-songwriter record, he is currently experimenting with new sounds/genres to create something that (hopefully!) sounds quite unique.

Sophie Mahon – Mr Newton

The E.P ' Xenon Nights - Dusk' is the first of two E.Ps (Dusk and Dawn) that Sophie plans to lead to an album called 'Xenon Nights'. They basically hint to either side of the album (alike to the terms of vinyl). 'Xenon Nights' is kind of about the things that keep you awake at night from dusk til dawn. Dusk being when you are more awake (so more danceable) and Dawn will be more introspective (when you're tired). It is a very Eighties New Wave influenced sound - the title is borrowed from a lyric in 'True To Life' by Roxy Music. 'Mr Newton' is inspired by 'The Man Who Fell To Earth', he is David Bowie's alien character in the film. The last line in the film was 'I think Mr Newton has had enough', his friend says it to the waiter (as Mr Newton became an alcoholic) but it also reflected that Mr Newton was giving up on getting home. She related to it when she was having a bad day. The sound was inspired by a mixture of Peter Gabriel (So album) and Simple Minds (New Gold Dream), she was listening to them a lot at the time.

Andy Ramone – Alvarez Boogie

Andy Ramone is a Norwich based songwriter who cannot sing so is forced to only write instrumental guitar music and release it on the internet. Recorded in the tiny cupboard next to his bedroom, Alvarez Boogie is a Bert Jansch influenced blues boogie written in a fit of inspiration after purchasing a new Alvarez acoustic guitar a few years ago. The track is from his recently released EP “Folk’d" available on Bandcamp and Spotify. Never wanting to be pigeon holed, he is in the process of releasing a trilogy of instrumental EPs each focusing on a different musical style and genre. 2017 was Surf music, 2018 is Folk and 2019 will be Blues.

Taryn Everdeen - see-through

Taryn Everdeen is 17 years old, studying English Lit, French and Photography A Levels. She's been writing songs since she was thirteen, and performed with the Norwich Arts Centre's artist development programme 'Sonic Youths' in 2016. She focuses more on portrait photography now, but I still enjoy writing and performing. 'see-through' is a song she wrote in August. It's about feeling vulnerable, regretting being honest, seeking reassurance. It's the first (and only) song she's written on ukulele.

Hugo Z – The Swell

Hugo z is a four piece from Norwich, blending dark and summery sounds to create songs that are indie, psychedelic, lo-fi, and everywhere in between. Beginning as the solo project of singer and guitarist Hugo Douglas-Deane, the band grew naturally into the current lineup over their years at the University in East Anglia.

Matt Watson – Outside

Matt Watson is a prolific songwriter with an eclectic 'observational' songwriting style. His diverse repertoire encompasses a rich variety of heartfelt ballads, rock songs and an intriguing blend of county and folk and pop stylings.

Lucy Grubb – 18 Miles

Lucy Grubb is a singer/songwriter from Norwich blending modern Americana with Country undertones. Inspired by the likes of Johnny Cash, Lucy's understated guitar rhythms and Country trilled vocal melodies hark back to tried and tested traditional Country song writing, expressing grief, sorrow and heartbreak. Although lacking life experience, Lucy takes her own emotional turmoil and communicates it through gripping lyrical content and storytelling. In 2014 Lucy made her debut appearance on BBC Introducing in Norfolk, followed by a performance at Open for BBC Radio 1’s Academy in conjunction with BBC Introducing in 2016. Later that year, Lucy supported folk singer/songwriter Lucy Rose at Norwich Arts Centre for Norwich Sound & Vision. In 2017, Lucy went on to play a host of UK festivals including Glastonbury, Red Rooster and Latitude, and recorded her debut EP. Accompanied by a sold out show in Norwich, Lucy released her debut EP '18 Miles' in November 2017, winning 'Best UK EP of the Year' and being named 'One to Watch' by Country website Belles and Gals. In April 2018 Lucy won 'The Bury Songwriter's Competition 2018' for her track '18 Miles' and released a Music Video. Lucy spent the summer playing shows across the UK, including performing at Countryfile Live for BBC Introducing, a stage line up curated by Bob Harris and featured headline British Country duo The Shires. After a busy summer, Lucy went on to record her second EP, which will be released on October 31st 2018 with a headline show at Norwich Arts Centre.

Little Red Kings – Josephine

Little Red Kings are a group of five dedicated musicians based around Norwich, Norfolk. UK A vision of alternative roots rock brought the five band members together, and with a powerful live show they haven't looked back. Their music combines a gritty, earthy quality, reminiscent of British classic blues rock bands of the 70's with strong melodies and elements of modern alternative rock, In 2016 the band designed and began to build their own fully functioning recording studio (Goat Pen Studios),as a base to write, rehearse and record. June 2018 saw the release of their eagerly awaited studio album...Callous, a "rootsy-tootsy", rocking , rolling ,modern take, on a classic rock, rhythm and blues album. Released on CD, and digital download. Jason Wick, is the groups founder member, lead vocalist, and guitarist. Scotsman Dougie Archer, adds guitar and front-man quality back up vocals. Ben Beach on Bass. Craig Stevenson tinkles the ivory substitutes, and anything else he can get his hands on. And Finally Harry Wickham on drums, keeping the whole thing, tight and loose enough.

Pink Lemonade – Space Girl

Whole lotta pop, whole lotta punk and even more mascara! When three Norfolk girls met at Anglia Ruskin University, all female pop-punk power trio Pink Lemonade was born. Sisters Maddie and Frankie met guitarist Rhiannon at the start of their undergraduate degrees. By February 2018, the girls realised they shared a passion for performing and started songwriting and rehearsing together. The three promptly recorded some demo tracks in the university facilities and began gigging in Cambridge by the end of March. Drawing influences from iconic female artists such as Avril Lavigne, Pink Lemonade have created their unique sound by exploring the close vocal harmonies heard in popular music paired with raunchy overdriven guitar riffs, punchy bass grooves and steady rock drum beats. The girls are hugely inspired by the effect Madonna has had on the revolution of popular music showing that the pop-rock music scene is diverse and not only for a stereotypical male audience. This band has a fresh and fruity twist that is needed to fill a gap in the market in today’s music industry. With their catchy hooks, lighthearted relatable lyrics, they add an extra bit of sparkle into the sound of the 21st century..

Blue Alatar – Eesabigguntho

“Eesabigguntho” is the second single for Blue Alatar’s debut album, Irradiated Hamster Alert, now released on September 8th, 2018. Tracks are composed by guitarist and music educator Liam Taylor, who draws influence from a variety of artists and styles - from world music, to classic and contemporary rock, to film composers, and psychedelic artists.

Red Ant Band - Burlesque Queen

The Red Ant Band is based in Norwich and record in NRSIX studios Norwich. They’re made up of Justin Brand, Carol Nicholls, and Mike Lee. All their tracks are Lee/Brand and they’ve now released 21 with 5 more ready to go for the rest of the year. They play all their own music and do the arrangements. Justin is from a heavy rock background, Carol blues and Mike Country Rock/Blues. All their songs have a story to tell.


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