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Boiling Point

  • Keith Slater
    Keith Slater

    Norwich based DJ and record collector has started the Boiling Point show and has grown since then with his regular trips to Europe playing at tropical parties in Frankfurt and Athens.

  • Cameron Black
    Cameron Black

    Has been DJing and running tropical parties on the south coast for the last three years. Now based in Norwich, co-hosting Boiling Point on future and co-runs local club night Moonshine

Boling Point

Boiling Point with Keith Slater, Cameron Black

Tropical Rare Grooves 1950s -90s

Boiling Point was started up by Norwich based DJ and record collector Keith Slater who was originally associated with Soul ,RnB ,Blues and Jazz. He started collecting rare African dance tunes to mix in at his parties. Who remembers the Jolly Butchers ??
Boiling Point has grown since then with his regular trips to Europe, playing at Tropical parties in Frankfurt and Athens.

Specializing in rare records from the tropical zone including Afrobeat, Ethio-jazz, Carimbo, Cumbia,Highlife,Tumbele, Angolan Simba, Congolese Rumba and Manding Jazz from West Africa.
Concentrating on the "Golden Era" mid 50s-early 90s, this music is played from original vinyl records and, although a little scratchy at times it  will warm your soul on Sunday mornings.
A few months ago Keith brought in a new recruit-  Cameron Black from "Moonshine and "Africa Disco" who also plays sounds from the Tropiques with a slighty different angle. Catch them on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.

Look out for Keith and Cam's tropical parties!!!!!!!


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