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D:tox Show

  • The Dinch (John Whittaker)
    The Dinch (John Whittaker)

    John is passionate about music. He began buying vinyl from an early age and has a vast eclectic music collection.
    He's been DJing regularly for 15 years now under the pseudonyms The Dinch & Subursa.

D : tox Show

D:tox Show with The Dinch (John Whittaker)

The D:tox radio show is new and exclusive to Future Radio. The Dinch and guests will play an eclectic mix of mainly broken beats. Expect to hear the finest funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae, breaks, D&B over and whatever else they decide to pull out of their bulging bags of delight and mix seamlessly  together for your listening pleasure over the 2 hours, live and direct.

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