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The Gospel, Soul & Blues Show

  • Mike Finbow
    Mike Finbow

    Has played the piano since the age of ten, in '66 recorded at the Abbey Road Studios as a member of the Ipswich based Rhythm & Blues group The Sullivan James Band who often performed in Norfolk

  • Malcolm Crowther
    Malcolm Crowther

    Presents the Gospel show (more description to come up soon)

Gospel and Blues Show

The Gospel, Soul & Blues Show with Mike Finbow, Malcolm Crowther

Malcolm and Mike began presenting the show in 2008 after the original presenter left, and they were asked if we’d be interested in hosting the show. They broadened the original concept to include most of the classic music styles of Black America from mainly the post war years through to the Seventies.

Malcom and Make try to make the show as varied and informative as they can relaying, for example, when and where a record was cut as regional differences can play a big part in how a record sounds. However, very little jazz features in the show as both Mike and Malcolm feel that this aspect of the music receives adequate coverage elsewhere.

One area of music the pair is particularly proud to have covered is Gospel. In the UK it is without doubt the most misunderstood and under-appreciated of all the Black American music styles yet vocally it is often the most dynamic and moving.

The only two regular features they have are Malcolm’s spot - within which Malcolm dedicates a song to the younger listeners - and Mike's feature in which Mike highlights obscure records from the early days of Motown. The rest of the show simply evolves as they go along.

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