Electronica, Downbeat, Electro and other electronic music

Presented by:

James Irvine

Danny Bee

Tom Buckham

On air: Thursday 10pm-Friday 12am

Links: Mixcloud / Facebook / Myspace

Rotation is Future Radio's electronic music show, presented by Tom Buckham and Danny B and James on alternate weeks. Each show features a variety of new and forthcoming releases of all types of electronic music + regular classic tracks from the like of Warp Records, DC Recordings, Soma, Rephlex (+ more).

We feature regular mixes and interviews with various DJs and producers - previous interviews have included John Tejada, M.A.N.D.Y, Radioactive Man and Metro Area, with DJ mixes from the likes of Ame, Padded Cell and Kelpe also featured in 2008.

We're always keen to play electronic music by local producers as well so if you're making music join our group and get involved!

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What do you think of the choice of electronic music nights in Norwich?

Great, there's so much variety I never know which night/event to head to next
14% (4 votes)
Terrible, the city offers little in the way of decent nights for decent electronic/dance music
76% (22 votes)
Not bad, overall it could be worse!
10% (3 votes)
Total votes: 29

All Show Updates

Rotation playlist for 15/04/2010

Tonight's show featured a live set from Lukes Anger!

Rotation playlist for 01/04/2010

Tonights show featured a guest mix from Kelpe (DC Recordings)

Rotation playlist for 18/03/2010

First show back for 4 weeks after missing the last one through illness - tonights show featured new album tracks from Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), Caribou, Cobblestone Jazz and Errors.

Rotation playlist for 18/02/2010


Tonight's show featured a guest mix from the organisers of Donkey Pitch - an electronic music night in Brighton.

Rotation playlist for 04/02/2010

Featuring new music from Mux Mool, Caribou, Monolith, Permanent Vacation (compilation), The Black Dog and The Dub Pistols....