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  • Future Jukebox

    Future Jukebox

    Non-stop tunes from the classics right up to now.

  • Breakfast with Future Radio

    A fine breakfast for our fine city with a mix of great new, local and classic tunes, fun features, latest news, sport, travel and everything that's happening in Norwich

  • Morning Session

    Morning Session

    Chat and music from the past 50 years right through to the present day to take you through the morning.

  • Community Session

    Your community hub for everything going on in Norwich and at home.

  • Future Film Club

    A fortnightly show that aims to be your local cinematic guide through the libraries of Norwich. With film reviews, the latest releases and the best songs from the movies.

  • Unheard Of

    Unheard of…playing new tunes and lost or forgotten gems.

  • New Music Review

    Music show about new releases, on air every other Monday. Repeated every other Friday.

  • Sight of Music

    If film soundtracks make you think of swirling strings and broadway musical numbers then listen to this show. Words, music, sound effects and every genre of cinema's tracks will feature.

  • The Chrome Funk and Soul show

    “A show for all you Funk and Soul lovers... You’ll be treated to brand new music from around the world, upfront edits, exclusive promos, guest mixes and more”

  • Boogie Bureau

    The 2nd & 4th Friday of the month featuring the lastest cutting edge music from the underground scene. It brings the newest producers with the freshest sounds to the airwaves along with local talent.

  • D:tox Show

    Expect to hear the finest funk, soul, hip-hop, reggae, breaks, D&B over and whatever else they decide to pull out of their bulging bags of delight.

  • Hardboiled Show

    If fast breakbeats, heavy bass and sub-bass lines are your thing, tune in to DJ Hard Wax playing all genres of electronic music and drum and base.

  • Skidrow Show

    Streakz Da Long Ting bumps Hip Hop, Rap & Grime from local artists and DJs

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