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  • Future Jukebox

    Future Jukebox

    Non-stop tunes from the classics right up to now.

  • Sight of Music

    If film soundtracks make you think of swirling strings and broadway musical numbers then listen to this show. Words, music, sound effects and every genre of cinema's tracks will feature.

  • Americana

    Playing the best music to come out of America - anything from American folk and country, to blues and rock n' roll. On air every two weeks.

  • Innate Sounds

    Two hours of musical adventure!

    Expect to share Funk, Soul, Latin, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Jazz, Reggae and end of week Blues of the best kind.

  • The Groove Swing

    The Groove Swing is a new fortnightly show that covers the best of jazz-funk and it’s parent genres, though anything that grooves or swings can make it in! Tune in for a foot-tapping time!

  • Robbie's Roast

    Robbie's roast aims to get you all in the kitchen, whether you're a budding chef or a microwave Dave. With plenty of guests, great tunes, it's the perfect way to get that gravy simmering.

  • Groove Britain

    Whether from the 1960's or from the noughties your dreams are not only remembered, they are lived again - through music.

  • Steve Burnham's 60s show

    Steve eases you into your Sunday evening with music from the late 50's and all the great 60's and 70's, pop and easy going tunes. Steve also plays plenty of listeners' requests.

  • Richard Penguin's Eclectic Selection

    Obscurities aplenty from the 70s to 90s as well as some 21st century gems. A very eclectic mix of Prog, Jazz, Rock, Folk, New Wave, Punk, Classical, Local and World Music.

  • Strictly Retro

    A show focusing in particular on less familiar songs and artists. A range of musical styles from the fifties to the seventies.The show includes regular features and themed strands.

  • Best of the Blues

    The Wensum may not be the Mississippi but Norwich is a growing hub of Blues music in UK. The show plays the classic Blues records from the past hundred years with a focus on what's happening now

  • Zappa Files

    Playing the very best of Frank Zappa.

  • The Road goes on Forever

    A show dedicated to songs about journeys, whether real or imagined, the destinations visited, and the transport used to reach them.

  • Future Jukebox

    Future Jukebox

    Non-stop tunes from the classics right up to now.

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