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  • Future Jukebox

    Future Jukebox

    Non-stop tunes from the classics right up to now.

  • Breakfast with Future Radio

    A fine breakfast for our fine city with a mix of great new, local and classic tunes, fun features, latest news, sport, travel and everything that's happening in Norwich

  • Morning Session

    Morning Session

    Chat and music from the past 50 years right through to the present day to take you through the morning.

  • Strictly Retro

    A show focusing in particular on less familiar songs and artists. A range of musical styles from the fifties to the seventies.The show includes regular features and themed strands.

  • Future Vegan

    Future Vegan covers the latest vegan news, has interviews with guests and plays great music - exclusively by vegan artists

  • Gardening Show

    Plant and gardening chat with fun guests, horticultural happenings in the city and urban trends from houseplants to growing your own food. Not your usual gardening show!

  • Future Jukebox

    Future Jukebox

    Non-stop tunes from the classics right up to now.

  • Drive

    Join us for great tunes and chat to see you home after a long day.

  • People's Playlist

    The show in which The People, yes, You, dictate what is played over the airwaves.

  • The 12th Man Radio Show

    The 12th Man Radio Show is designed to continue the discussion onto the airwaves, and brings together music and chat about men and mental health.

  • The 12th Man Sounds Show

    The 12th Man Sounds Show brings you an eclectic mix of tracks, as well as chat about music and wellbeing, as part of the 12th Man Campaign to encourage men to talk about their mental health.

  • Off The Beaten Tracklist

    A show full of music you don’t hear every day but might recognise; songs by artists you know but haven’t heard in a while; and maybe something completely new to you.

  • Slab City

    From experimental techno to dark ambient drone - Carmichael has it covered. Explore Slab City's emotional landscape

  • Future Jukebox

    Future Jukebox

    Non-stop tunes from the classics right up to now.

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