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Film music and reviews with Eamonn Burgess and the Sight of Music Team If film soundtracks make you think of swirling strings and broadway musical numbers, then listen to this show. Words, music, sound effects and every genre of music feature in the cinema and this radio programme. The weirder and wilder the better. We also have regular updates of what's on at Norwich cinemas, brought to us by the people who work in them, and a host of other guests.

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work film comes to Future

I have been filming at Future for the Breakfast Club movie I am making for work. I have learned so much from doing this. Like we have a dreadful camera at work that shoots great footage but loses it on the scratched mini dvd format it works on. So much stuff out there is incompatible, unreliable, or misleading, and that's just the humans. In amongst the confusion ther are fantastic people steering you clear of wasteful practice. All the digi computa stuff appeals to people who are scared to go outdoors. We thought they'd be good, and true, did we?

Norwich Titanic Soundtrack half completed.

As mentioned in my last entry, I have been to Jo's house-she's a goth, so it was no surprise to see how many bones, and what I call tattoo art there was. She has a recording studio in her attic and has kindly remixed the '60s Bernard Cribbins song Hole in the Ground for my filmShe sat at the controls all afternoon counting me in and not letting me do too much damage to the song. Anyone who heard my rendition of The Who's Behind Blue Eyes in front of the Soundbox by the Forum last Saturday will know what I'm on about.

facebook crossover singing follws

I have found out how to get to the facebook pix into my blog. Brilliant.


Also tomorrow I go to jo's recording studio to lay down the vox for the '80s remake of the Cribbins classic 'Digging This hole'. I'm going to try and do it live over her rough draft on my show today.

facebook pix, soundtrack development

hello Aoife, Julie and Ellie sorry I haven't seen your facebook pix yet but it was a memeorable show and as soon as I can find a grown-up to get me to the site I will try and add them to my blog.


Meanwhile, Jo who volunteers in the office here has written the '80s update to the Bernard Cribbins novelty song Digging This Hole, and very fine it is too. We have booked a time for me to put vocals over it in the recording studio in her home, and another of her compositions Dead Mans Eyes is being used in the zombie film being made in Norwich by Ms Channing.

Making a film for work

As well as Norwich Titanic I am making a film for Homelessness Awareness Day called breakfast Club. It's meant to be a comedy. Uses genuine homeless people and involves eating breakfast and listening to Future Radio. It is a true story.

New Cast member, copycat spaniards

Please note the spanish copy of my masterpiece. It looks like they're breaking the no budget rule, and from the ad on the side as if it is promoting an arts festival.


Also a listener called Sean has come forward and told us that on the day the bus went down the hole he drove a yellow vw over the hole 1/2 hour before the bus went down it. He's just off on hols but we will speak more on his return. I have fixed the meeting with the poet for next Monday lunchtime andf will update this blog of the homeless film I'm doing for work.

Norwich Titanic delayed by bourgeois 2nd home owner

I have a camera that shoots good film, a bus to fit in a hole, a hole, and a bank holiday weekend off, but I will not be filming because I have got the keys to a vandalised ex-buy-to-let ex-council flat in the city centre to move into. I will repair and clean it up and continue to do my paid job throughout June so will have 2 homes till then.

Joe Public on location

Just been taught how to 6 pix at once

Norwich titanic scum

When we turned up to the precinct, the puddles were nowhere near as deep as they are today, but there's some nice scum in the picture which I hope to film this weekend.

Meet norwich titanic's mum

By taking the bus back to the shopping precinct where I got the cardboard to make it in the first place, I have created a touching family reunion for your delectation. Aww shucks look at the cardboard behind the fence, so many more buses to be born.

Meet Norwich titanic's daddy

This is the recycling bin I wrapped the cardbord round to get the distinctive bus-down-a-hole initial shape. Here's dad and child playing in the garden. Ahh.

norwich titanic location public participate

See previous entry and you can also see we had a Minnie Mouse on hand that the fire engine driver's sister allowed us to stick in the bus so we could have Minnie being rescued by the fire brigade. I will script minnie into the film. I am making lots of little entries and adding pix 1 at a time as that's the only way I know how to get these pix on blog. More to follow.

Public interaction on norwich titanic location

Turning up to do stills on location at Earlham shopping precinct does mean the film crew wwere in the way of shoppers, but this brings advantages too. Firstly, a lot of folks who just wanted to shop saw what was happenning and it made them smile and laugh, which is quite addictive. The other great asset turning up to a crowded shopping precinct in full flow brings is that the publ;ic can join in. Witness the sit-and-ride fire engine that turned up driven by a local nipper who rocked up with his sister and parents. 

On Location norwich Titanic the first time

Last Sunday I stuck the bus on the back of my bicycle and rode it down to Earlham Precinct, the 1st location for the film. Once there I stuck the bus in the biggest hole in the car park.


My friend workmate and fellow film maker Fernando showed up to buy some vital ingredients for his family Sunday dinner, which was on the stove cooking. I delayed his family bonding exercice and asked him to help with the pre-shoot sightlines. He did.

Google ranking titanic norwich

Tom has shown me how to load pix onto blog so I'm creating a new entry to let you know that if you google 'bus hole norwich' and look down to the 7th ranking it links to this blog. this is the sort of thing that impresses me.

Eamonn's Blog II

New entry. Some of you will remember the double-decker bus that fell down a hole on Earlham Rd back in the '80s. Some of you will be aware of the pothole in Earlham precinct and how NR2 is blistering with outrage at the human rights abuse inherent in negligent tarmac application. Some of you will have seen the film Titanic.


Eamonn's Blog

This is me trying to write a blog without a grownup to help.

Today's Show: Fri 6th Feb 09


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